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                      濰拖TS系列基本型拖拉機Weituo TS series basic type tractor


                      Weituo TS series tractor is developped by our company for more than 30 year, together with continuous improvement, improve and develop the small wheeled tractor products, economical and practical, loved by the majority of users. With compact structure, reliable performance, dynamic matching properly, supporting good, low fuel consumption, the use of easy maintenance features, the sales market throughout the world. This series of products supporting power from 17 hp to 30 hp, a forced circulation, evaporative, condensing, steam through dual-cooled. Models are common type, enhanced, electric start, transport, and so dozens of varieties. To meet the various conditions in different parts of the field operations, fixed operations and transport operations requirements.

                      産品型號: TS-300 |  TS-260 |  TS-250 |  TS-240 |  TS-220 |  TS-200 |  TS-180 |  TS-170 |  TS-24BK |  TS-24BZ |  TS-24B |  TS-22BK |  TS-22BZ |  TS-22B |  TS-22K |  TS-22Z |  TS-22 |  TS-20BK |  TS-20BZ |  TS-20B |  TS-20Z |  TS-20K |  TS-20 |  TS-18BK |  TS-18BZ |  TS-18B |  TS-18K |  TS-18Z |  TS-18 |  TS-17K |  TS-17Z |  TS-17 |  TS-15K |  TS-15Z |  TS-15小輪 |  TS-15大輪 |  TS-15B |  TS-12B |  TS-12T |  TS-12 | 
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